Bread Review: Shepherd’s Bread

The Shepherd’s Bread made yesterday passed both the tea-time test and the second day test.

Tea time saw the bread buttered and paired with ripe Brie and tomatoes. It was very good. Additionally, I tried some plain and dipped in virgin olive oil, also very good. The crust was nicely chewy and the crumb was soft.

This morning the crispness of the crust was still there. At breakfast we toasted the last of the first loaf and the start of the second loaf. I can speak for the second loaf only – it made excellent toast, with a tendency to char about the crust edges. The bread gained an even deep golden  colour and the inside crumb remained moist.

Shepherd’s Bread is a surprising all-round winner and makes it onto my regular repertoire. A useful recipe for when time is short but also attractive due to the lower fuel costs of baking from a cold oven.

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