Book Crisis

I have been having something of a reading fest lately and consequently I am facing a shortage of books. There is no library at the site where we are staying and we have over a week left here yet.

I am about to start on The Good Women of China, which is a slim volume then all that I have left are Labyrinth and a volume of war poets, neither of which I am inclined to bring out at this time.

Kate Mosse was disappointing when I read The Burning Chambers recently. It was not a well crafted book and I decided then not to bother with Labyrinth. However, since I picked up and immediately threw down The Villa in Italy the other day ( the first couple of pages of which were so very dreadful that they did me in completely) I realise that Kate Mosse could be a far worse writer and… I *am* running out of physical books. I need to be less picky perhaps.

I am not short of reading in fact but I do find ebooks difficult when sitting out in bright sunshine.

Very envious of Mr L, who is reading Martin Amis (though a book that I have already read, if some few years ago).

Time to get the lappie out and to occupy myself with some writing instead of reading? But that would mean moving indoors and out of the sun.

Maybe the next site can refresh my reading cupboard.

Here’s the "recently read" list:

Kate Mosse: The Burning Chambers (2.5)
Deborah Devonshire: Wait for Me! (3.0 might have been more if she hadn’t irritated by constantly denigrating Socialism and Labour politicians, and revelling in bird and fox-murdering)
The Miniaturist: Jessie Burton (4.0 because I enjoyed the reading of some fine words but ultimately the story-telling let it down)
Elizabeth Edmondson: The Villa in Italy (0.0 actually doesn’t count as I found it to be wholly unreadable and did not read on)

I have a feeling that I have missed one out of that list. Perhaps it will come back to me later.

You know what I fancy now? A little bit of froth! Yer actual chicklit even; some Jennifer Crusie or Kathy Lette would suit this sun-basking life) Froth may be a requirement after tackling the harrowing tales from China, come to think on it.

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