BOING! “Time for bed,” said Zebedee

Mr L had a wee moment when we were diagnosing the car’s ailments yesterday. “I knew that the spring had broken,” he said “or should have. I found a piece of it on the ground after you went out on Monday.”  Which means that when Gill was test driving the car for handling, we had a broken spring binding on the front wheel. Neither of us noticed a thing.

This is the offending article and it has clearly been  broken for some time.

Found on Monday and clearly broke a long time ago.
Found on Monday and clearly broke a long time ago.

The remainder of the spring has been cut away and we now have a low-rider. A very low rider indeed. It has been down the track to the gate and back, very slowly, in order to determine if it can be used with care between now and when it receives a donor part.

I shall be getting some exercise in the coming days/weeks.

One other thing that we noticed when testing the car is that The Odd Noise That Occurs When Reversing has returned. We last heard that on the day that we returned from Kirkwall from having The Odd Noise At The Front repaired, the new noise being evident as we reversed from the ferry at Loth. I’ve not noticed it from that day to this.

I  hate cars, I really do. What’s the alternative? None, I think. I can’t get 3 months’ shopping on a bike, Tesco don’t deliver, and a horse and cart is out as I’m not so keen on horses either –  and cars at least don’t kick or bite.

Today is a glorious one after yesterday’s drenching.  I’m cooking a Sunday Dinner (!) but we hope to find time to go out for a wander as well. We’ll just have to take the LR and lift Suzie in and out, rather than have the convenience of the car.

Yes, it's a new Blob!
Yes, it’s a new Blob!

In Knitting News, I started a new doily yesterday.

It was an uncharacteristically early start this morning, due to the need to attend to the car before the weather breaks again. There is much of the day left and the plan so far will not account for all of it. It’s either a case of more doily-knitting, or I shall have to bake. The pull of the kitchen is strong today. I blame Mary Berry for the fact that I cannot stop wondering if I have glacé cherries in the cupboard. That in turn leads me to a-wondering if it might not be fun to tackle all of this year’s Technical Bakes along with the competitors. No, that way madness lies – but the cherry cake would be lovely for spinning group tomorrow, wouldn’t it?

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