Bobbin’ along

Well, I managed to do some spinning today in between making coffee and serving cake (Date and Walnut, plus stem ginger cookies today) I am quite pleased with the way in which this fibre is spinning up, and so quickly too.  Still uncertain about the colour, though.

Still no football for Nell, no yarn, and no iMac. Last night was the night that the ferry stays here overnight, so there was no incoming ferry this morning to bring parcels before the postman’s round. Maybe tomorrow. In the meantime, I shall have to continue spinning.

I am still hankering for a trial run at weaving. It’s made all the worse by reading Lollyknitting Around. The Minou Wrap that Lolly made recently is just lovely – though I was equally taken with her denim doormat. Lolly is  the creative force behind Project Spectrum and she has a wonderful blog of creativity and great photographs – well worth a  visit.

Ran myself ragged this morning. I prescribe a nice quiet afternoon in the conservatory, with my wheel and the cats for company. And maybe just one more small slice of cake…