Blossoming Forth

Can you guess what this is?
Can you guess what this is?

Would it be heretical to state that I am now fed up with this weather and would appreciate a grey day of fine drizzle, some time very soon?  It is way too hot for me.

Well, after a few days of severely limited Internet connectivity, we got up today to find ourselves cut off from the world. We reported the fault and then faced a day without Google, eBay, You Tube, and Ravelry – all of which one or the other of us has reached for at some forgetful point in the day.

I had particular need of most of the above to support my battle with Blossom, a sock pattern that I began knitting last night.   It may not be entirely a coincidence that a migraine roused me from my well-earned sleep in the early hours of this morning…

learningAh you are wondering why, when I have clearly knitted several pairs of socks successfully before, that a simple pair of socks should give me a headache.  “A simple pair of socks…” Right.

Now, as we well know, a simple pair of socks is knitted from the cuff down, though some follow a strange perversion and knit their socks from the toe up… There are socks that are knitted on four or five double-pointed needles, and others knitted on a circular needle , or even two. Some people, or so they tell me, knit  two socks at one time on one needle. I need a lie down when I think about that one.

These socks however have none of that. These socks have their own novel construction. These socks begin on top of the foot. That picture at the top of this post? That is a Blossom sock in production. The motif sits on the instep.

Just digest that for a second while I go and eat my tea.

When I come back, I’ll fill in some of the details because I think some Woolgatherers may enjoy following this sock’s progress with me.

I’ll set up a post series for the Blossom socks.

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  1. July 5, 2009

    I love the looks of this. I shall eagerly await updates.
    I’m off to cast on some socks, because having a jumper, leg warmer, plain socks and squares for p/hop on the go apparently isn’t enough…

  2. jenny
    July 5, 2009

    thought you were knitting another blanket when I saw the picture – it’s very pretty though

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