Blossom Part 3: The Pit of Despair

O.k. I re-knit the heel.

It wasn’t looking any better. Halfway through I stopped to think, and I tied reversing the logic of the knit side which is working, and applying that to the purl side, which is not.

What I have now is a heel where the gaps are closed, but which is a lumpy, bumpy mess – rather than a neat line of stitches such as I have on the right hand (knit) side.

Clearly I am missing something…

I cannot find many references to this technique, and certainly no video tutorials.

Do you know of any? Can you help? please?

The yarn won’t take much more abuse…


  1. July 13, 2009

    Thankyou, Jenny, that’s a wrapped stitch, rather than the tightened yarnover but it looks like a good technique to follow when I have given up on this one!

    jenny: I have no idea what I did, never managed to repeat it.

    LOL yes, short-row heels seem a bit that way.

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