Blossom Part 3: The Pit of Despair

O.k. I re-knit the heel.

It wasn’t looking any better. Halfway through I stopped to think, and I tied reversing the logic of the knit side which is working, and applying that to the purl side, which is not.

What I have now is a heel where the gaps are closed, but which is a lumpy, bumpy mess – rather than a neat line of stitches such as I have on the right hand (knit) side.

Clearly I am missing something…

I cannot find many references to this technique, and certainly no video tutorials.

Do you know of any? Can you help? please?

The yarn won’t take much more abuse…

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  1. July 13, 2009

    Thankyou, Jenny, that’s a wrapped stitch, rather than the tightened yarnover but it looks like a good technique to follow when I have given up on this one!

    jenny: I have no idea what I did, never managed to repeat it.

    LOL yes, short-row heels seem a bit that way.

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