Blossom End Rot

The Blossom sock is in abeyance. I emailed the designer but still await a response. Close now to the point where I shall rip it out again and re-knit using a different technique. Needless to say , I’ve lost all heart on the Show front where this project is concerned.  Time is short too. We’ve been going though a difficult period and there has been no knitting done.


My Reclamation scarf is undergoing a light blocking today, so now constitutes an FO. Finished size is 50″ wide, 23″ deep.




It is still on the needles and that is about the best that I can say for it.

Summer Pudding

Coming along nicely, thankyou- though it seems endless. Currently on bobbin 3, about halfway through that. One more bobbin to go, then I shall make a 2 ply.

Other Stuff

I am on my own this week and hoping to get lots of “me” time. Plans include:

  • finishing the Summer Pudding
  • preparing photo prints for the Show
  • Some Nuno felting
  • A photo exercise
  • Tidying my craft room (yes, still!)
  • A large blog entry about my little friend Lulu

Spinning this week is at my favourite venue . I hope that the weather will be kind and that I can cycle there. If I can, there should be photos…

On Friday I would like to join Rod the Ranger at Doun Helzie – but fear that I shall take the more practical option and go shopping in Kirkwall, so that I can welcome Mr L home with a fine dinner.

Speaking of dinner:

Mr L elected to take his one smart jacket to Manchester. It has been in a suit bag for a long time. So long in fact, that it has undergone at least 3 house moves since last seeing the light of day.  This is no exaggeration: unsurprisingly it was a little creased and I had to press it – when I emptied the pockets I found a dinner receipt from Shear’s Yard in Leeds.  I trotted up to the office with it and offered it to Mr L as a souvenir. I asked him what the date on it was – 18 May 2001! I think we must have gone out for my birthday 🙂 It was probably the last time that we did anything like that until this year, when we went to Backaskaill,  again for my birthday.

Well, I can hardly claim that he never takes me out, can I? That’s twice in eight years – and I know for a fact that we also went to the pub . . . on the day that we got married. I think that was in 2001 as well, come to think on it.

His only comment was to say that it was the most that he’d ever spent on a night out, or ever will again.I guess there’s not all that much to look forward to then!

Ladies, be warned, don’t wed a Yorkshire man 😉