Blinking thing…

Blink seems to be steadfastly resisting the halfway point and I seem to be spending more time going backwards than I am spending going towards my goal. This scarf is turning out to be anything but the quick knit that I intended it to be. I don’t know what it is – because it is a simple enough pattern. Perhaps it is because I am stressed and upset at the moment and that is causing lapses of attention. And it does not help when one corrects an error from the wrong pattern row, either.

Well, all I can say is that I must spin a good yarn, as it is holding up well to all this punishment.

I had hoped to take my knitting and sit quietly in the back row with it tonight but as I have been conned into doing asked to do chairs and teas, that will not be possible. 🙂

In Other News – I just bought a kilo of gorgeous natural BFL. It’s not all for me, I hasten to add.

Frankly, the thought of spinning an even yarn for a whole jumper is even more scary than tonight’s elections or my job application!

Ah, well – back to Blink. Let’s hope for some forwards progression!