The Butternut Scarf [Ingrid at Ravelry] is now making gratifying progress. It has moved from that horrible stubby stage into something which does at least flap, if not drape. According to my Geek Knitters Spreadsheet[TM] it is now 30% complete, after four and a half pattern repeats. It’s looking beautiful and I already want to knit another one in a heavier yarn, which will not be blocked. The unblocked texture is most agreeable.

In Other News, I have spent far too much time over the last 24 hours in exploring Twitter. It may be a temporary arrangement – for now see Twitter updates in the left hand menu. Feed readers can go find the woolgathered tweets feed if they so desire. I just thought I’d try to separate the totally inconsequential from the remotely interesting. So, progress updates will be Twittered and more thought out project notes will be blogged. Let’s see how it works.

It’s pretty cold up here in Orkney and everything seems to be glazed, like a frozen prawn. It’s treacherous underfoot. The cold isn’t helping my chest any either so I am keeping my head down and hoping that Mr L will take the dog out as needed…

…while I sit here and knit with my headphones on. I am having a bit of a Runrig-fest this evening and it’s making me feel quite odd. It could be The Lurgy of course, but I think it’s the evocative nature of the music. I seem to be actually pining for my days as a disreputable single and my little riverside yuppy flat. I’m playing The Big Wheel right now and feel as though I should be soaking in my candlelit bath, chilled Chardonnay in hand, stereo turned up loud, and waiting to hear the key in the lock. Those were the days… perhaps 🙂