I am having real trouble in getting myself going today.

Plus side: the stashbuster blanket is cast off and the traditional mittens are out and I have done a few rounds on them

Negative side: An ear infection robbed me of sleep and is sapping my energy and I really cannot fully engage with the mittens. It’s only the fact that they were so ridiculously expensive (in kit form) that is stopping me from binning them and starting something more amenable.

Lunch was “interesting”. A few years ago I made some Merguez sausage that were absolutely delicious, so when I saw some at the butchers recently I had to buy them. I was only when I unpacked them at home that I realised they were made from Beef and not from Lamb, as mine had been. Unfortunately neither one of us has much love for beef sausage. Hey ho.

Served with some hastily put together Patatas bravas and some roasted peppers and courgettes, they went down agreeably enough but seemed rather lacking in the expected spiciness. Overall the flavour coming through from the sausage was of cinnamon – so nothing on the plate really worked together.

I feel another sausage-making adventure coming on!

Not today, though. I think I need to dig out some comfort knitting

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