Blankie growth detected

Mr L had a telephone conference today so the dogs, cats and myself were evicted from the office. The bad back prevented very much activity so we hightailed it to the bedroom and I decided it was time to exercise a few knitting muscles. That was when I discovered that my key piece of knitting – the Twisted sock destined to go into Mr L’s suitcase on Saturday – was on the wrong side of the office door. My back protested at the very sight of my workroom so we didn’t go in search of any other knitting. Quite right too – it would have been arduous. At least I had the blanket by the side of the bed.

So, blanket-knitting it was.

I knitted five squares into the blanket this afternoon. Five! and I used some of the new squares to join in two foundation groups I had already made – so that was eleven squares added to the blanket in total.  It feels good to make such progress.

One of the new squares has a wobbly spine. Not sure how that happened. I should have unpicked it when I noticed it but I really did not have the heart for it.

In Other News: the Hamnavoe has been commandeered to rescue Brits from Norway and is out of normal service. She is expected to return to service on Friday, which is fearfully close to Mr L’s sailing on Sunday. He’s booked to sleep on board the Hamnavoe on Saturday night. What happens if the weather is bad or if they find that the boat needs to make a second crossing to Norway? Adding this level of uncertainty to the existing uncertainties attached to rail travel at the moment make me wish that Mr L’s boss would see sense and accept that travel right now is not the most perfect plan. Given that two colleagues are currently stranded abroad and it is not yet known if they will make next week’s event, the whole enterprise seems doomed to failure. In short – I have every hope that Mr L’s trip may be cancelled.

On the other hand -  if he does go as planned, I have an outline plan to conquer a fleece next week 🙂