Bits and Pieces

We’ve been painfully short of treats this week and you have had to put up with my constant whingeing about my bad back – I think it’s a result of not being able to focus and recall the good parts of the week.

Anyway – to compensate, and to say “sorry” – here’s a few highlights from recent browsings

Kate Davie’s Lap Blanket from Needled: Rams and Yowes. I did share this at Pinterest and Twitter, but it deserves another outing.

A development of Kate’s Sheep Heid hat, a stunner in itself, the blanket is worked in J&S natural Shetland yarns. Me, I want to make a handspun one. One day. When I am a good enough spinner and have some colourwork knitting experience. Seriously, who would not want to make this gorgeous thing, just for the sheer fun of it? It’s something for me to aim my skills development at.

And here’s a couple of Norah Gaughan’s – just as I was being depressed at all the egg-reinvention and dross on Ravelry, and just as I was bemoaning the idea that Norah has lost the plot… there we were, sheer perfection:

Gregale. I want one.

and then, something similar – Levanto. Perhaps less “me” but lovely nonetheless.

And how about these wonderful wellie socks?  (wish I had some Hunters)

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  1. January 13, 2012

    I like the wellie socks, but I’m not so sure about the Hunters. I always found that they slipped on wet concrete.

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