Big Box, little box

A big box delivery just arrived. The levelling ramps are here already. Also in the box – a wee first aid kit for Brunhilde, and  also a hosepipe for filling the fresh water tank when we are away from home. The hosepipe will be so much better than the solution we had to employ last weekend.

With one night to go we found that the waste tank was 3/4 full, whilst the fresh tank only a 1/4 full. Being very keen to have showers in the morning, we found ourselves spending an hour at Dingieshowe, trying to fill the water tank from the basin taps in the public conveniences. Our method was to fill a washing up bowl, inserted at a tilt into the tiny sink, as  far as possible, then transfer that into an empty 5 litre water bottle until full, then try to tip that into the tank filler without wasting too much.

Crazy as this performance sounds… we were not alone. Two Aussie visitors parked next to us had also run short of water. They used the taps in the Gents, as I worked in the Ladies. Their method was to fill a pan in the sink, tip that into a washing up bowl and tip the bowl into their tank – to which they had easier access than we had to ours but then what they had was a spaceship!

The new fanbelt is fitted and both of Brunhilde’s batteries are charging. Hurrah!

Tomorrow is for window fitting. That and curry. I had hoped to go out and set a couple of geocaches, especially as more tat arrived today. I’m still awaiting notebooks and also need to buy a supply of pencil sharpeners and waterproof lunch boxes. Oh, and Silica Gel sachets would be useful too but I’m not awaiting anything too critical.

Did I mention that we got our Geocache log count up to 100 last weekend? We had been on 91 since 2004!

We both feel at a bit of a loss today. It’s not just the disappointment of the referendum result. I think we may be feeling a little as though we might have gone somewhere for the weekend.


  1. spinninggill
    September 19, 2014

    When are you off on your next adventure?

  2. September 19, 2014

    We estimate some time in October, but it won’t be until all the bugs are ironed out and everything is working properly

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