We fired up the iPlayer and watched Russell T’s version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream last night.


Not at all sure.

Much preferred his Casanova – and, that said, the Dream bore some resemblance. A similar formula. Methinks Russell T has become a one trick pony. Maxine Peake was a let down too. I thought she would make a brilliant Titania but the promise was not quite realised and her fawnings over the donkey-eared Bottom were far from convincing. The whole thing was a bit too pantomime-ish. Shakespeare as Candy Floss. Unsatisfying. Disappointing.

Loved Puck, though.

Did you see it? What did you think?

Today has simply shot past. No idea where the time has gone to. Perhaps I too was bewitched. Trip itinerary done but meal planning and shopping lists still outstanding, some laundry done, some shopping done, the Colinette throw remains damp so not yet unpinned, a hundred or so Starling shots taken… Ah, that’ll be it then. Spent my time with the camera. Oops.

Certainly no time to graft that sweater and wash it.

The hooded scarf is seamed. I think I do not like it. It is all wrong – poorly fitting or maybe just uncomfortable, but definitely wrong. One more item for the giveaway list, I think, but that is okay because I knitted it with the Orcadian winter winds in mind and now I am leaving so will not be needing it for ferry journeys and the like. I shall be in balmier climes.

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