Becoming ambitious

It really is essential that Wool|gathered goes on a yarn diet with immediate effect. There is plenty of yarn, and potential yarn, in the stash. Of course not all of it is appropriate for current knitting plans. That’s the way that it works, is it not?

Considering economy set me to thinking about what good value lace knitting is, and that hard core lace knitting is the most cost-effective of all time consumers. 2010 is already semi-committed to 10 shawls, and progress on that is good – with one completion, one nearing completion and a third well under way. (As I write this Kate Davies is telling Radio Scotland how obsessive knitting can become. Oh, yeah?) It’s only mid-January – perhaps I should be thinking about some taxing projects that might occupy me for several weeks.

Sadly, the more complex shawls that have caught my eye are by Dorothy Siemens, of Fiddlesticks. They are not available in PDF format! And the hoops that I have to jump through to purchase hard copy and have it sent from Canada, well… (at this point Liz Lovick is talking about Knit Camp at Stirling – oh, HOW I wish that I might go!)

None of the UK Fiddlesticks stockists that I know of have any of the patterns that I am actually interested in. Sod’s Law in action.

So, I’m thinking about skipping that middle level type of knitting and heading straight for the 2mm needles and some life-consuming lace.

I’m charmed by the notion of a mere handful of  yarn, and maybe £10/£12 providing occupation for several months.



Rose of England?

I have the patterns for both, and several cones of 2/28NM yarn in stash

And, if I did embark on one of those, could I still produce 10 shawls in a year? Doesn’t seem very likely to me, not without making the bulk of them little one-skein sock yarn projects, and frankly – they’re pretty dull knitting. How many sock-weight shawls does a girl need, anyway?

Anyway, if anybody out there has quick and easy access to Fiddlesticks patterns and would care to do me a favour, I’m happy to PayPal funds to cover purchase and mailing.

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  1. Susan aka paintermom
    January 26, 2010

    I would be happy to help you with this. Which pattern or patterns are you interested in? Send me your mailing address.


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