One more tick against the old Baking Bucket List. Baguettes. yes, believe it or not, in all my long baking life, this is a first for me.

wpid1142-BL_13_00003.jpgMr L was due home on the afternoon plane, so I thought the smell of warm bread might be an appropriate welcome home after a week away at the office. A simple meal of baguettes, cheese, pâté and vine tomatoes washed down with a bottle of something nice. Just the job. And so it proved.

Basic dough recipe from Richard Bertinet. Fresh yeast. Hand kneaded, using Bertinet’s method.

I’m not happy with my blade. I need to try a different one – slashing these baguettes was considerably more difficult than it should have been (hence the ragged peaks in the crust.)

I have this one: “professional” it may be, market leader perhaps. but it just does not  work for me. It was hideously expensive too, for what it is – a flimsy piece of plastic and a single safety razor blade. Shall I try this one? or simply use a disposable scalpel? Any recommendations?

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