Back to work for a rest

I was entirely mistaken in thinking that Tuesday was included in our holiday. Mr L had proposed taking Tuesday off but did not in the end arrange it. So he is back to work tomorrow and will I think be glad of the rest. Me, on the other hand, not so much. Me, I am heading into town to see if I can identify a candidate kitchen.

Although we don’t actually plan to do the kitchen just yet it turns out that (of course!) we need to firm up our ideas in order to know where to place the range and how much of the wall to tile.

You've been framed
You’ve been framed

No tiling is done yet. We may have had grand ideas about how much we would achieve over the weekend but of course everything took longer than anticipated.  There were several hiccups one of the most interesting being when the hole saw dropped off the drill and fell down behind the new wall. We asked the cat to go in but he couldn’t be bothered, thank you.


I solved that challenge with a ball of twine, some sticky tape and three of the very strong magnets from my KnitPro chart holder. It just took a while as there were three pieces to extract.

We may start the tiling this afternoon, or not. At the moment Mr L is battling with a recalcitrant anemometer.

With the help of Stanley
With the help of Stanley

The last and fiddliest bits of the wall construction are done. The cooker is wired in temporarily and the central heating controller is also back in use. The place is a mess but I think we can be pleased with what has been achieved. The Aga plinth is still not with us so there is actually no hurry to get the tiling done.

The whole weekend was accomplished with only the one injury and a minimum of sweariness but that has been a lot of dust generated, especially in cutting the wall boards on the table saw.

Saw toothed
Saw toothed

I never got to the pub to have a supper served up to me and have been cobbling meals together as best I could. I might just compensate with a £10 supper from Tesco tomorrow if i have time to call in.

As far as I can tell, there are four kitchen options if you live up here: Jewson’s, Buildbase, Nobilia, order one up from Ikea and arrange a complex delivery option. The Ikea option has the drawback that I cannot go and look and feel. I’m not keen on pigs in pokes.

Wires everywhere
Cables everywhere

My first daff is out! I mean my first daff in fifteen years. I’m so excited.

It's a Daff!!
It’s a Daff!!

Nice to  have something to photograph that has nothing to do with DIY.

Tomorrow’s pics will largely be of kitchens, I reckon.

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