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We are home from our winter gallivanting. It was quite a surprise as we were heading elsewhere when we set off yesterday morning and yet, we were back at home before tea.

It is good to be here but not all has gone smoothly.

We are quite tired and there is much work to be done but I have managed to write a Crooked House post already. I really want to get back into blogging as a routine.

One other routine that we need to return to is the Keto one. We have arrived home full of good intention. I added 3.6 kilos to my weight whilst away and Mr L added more than twice that. We have embarked upon a three day Egg Fast already and plan to do strict Keto for a while after the Egg thing is finished.

Three loads of laundry have been washed and dried and a fourth awaits drying, though Dennis may have something to say about that, I am holding back on the remaining laundry tasks until he has blown through.

I have so many photos to review and process and much to write about so it is infuriating that our Internet connection is so very poor today. I’m keeping this post brief. This is just to say that I am still here, alive and kicking.

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One, two, three…

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