My arm is screaming at me so I am trying to keep computer time to a minimum. This explains the shortness of posting around here of late.

Sadly, the arm is becoming so sore that I need to rest it from knitting and spinning also. Somewhat disgruntled by this, I rejected all forms of common sense and cast on a knit that I thought would tax my limbs less than the other projects in hand are doing. There’s another Morning Surf in production!

It’s spinning day today. I have no car (it’s going to be a few weeks, we think… sourcing parts is a problem and the cost of the job is going sky high), but SpinningGill is chauffeuring me today (thanks, Gill) I’ll take my wheel but if I do spin it will be only in short bursts, I think.

This  means of course that the TdeF is over for me, my goal of an hour a day minimum has scuppered me. I don’t mind. It gave me the impetus to get on and I have made some great progress, even if I have not yet started on my blues – Fire is completed at long last, and I have an Air yarn half done. My other goal, to finally work through all the gifts that I was given last year, is also nearing completion. I shall “soon” be able to scale the fleece mountain in my storeroom… only 1 packet of alpaca, a second packet of the soy silk, and 3 blue rovings to go now – and my spinning stash bin is looking very empty indeed. Extreme financial embarrassment means that I shan’t be stocking it up any time soon. I shall have no choice but to tackle some real sheep.

I’m turning the PC off for a few days now and going AWOL.