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The weather has been pretty kind to us this year. I have heard folks complaining about it but I think that we have done all right. It has been a relatively dry and wind-free period and we have done especially well throughout August and this far into September. Things are changing now, with the approach of the Equinox  and the first of the “Equinoctial” storms has arrived. Only a little one, we made a Force 7, but there is plenty of time over the next six weeks or so for us to be buffeted about and thoroughly drenched.



Things vary year on year but we normally expect one or more F10 and F11 winds each winter. F12 is less common, though feasible – well, we’ve not quite reached that speed since we moved here 7 years ago, our highest recorded speed being at the top end  of F11 at 70 mph. That’s average wind speeds, of course, not gusts. Our highest recorded gust is 90 mph. Both were recorded on 8th December, 2011. Unlike the image above, our house stayed put, shedding only a few ridge tiles.

It is probably time to start shutting the hens in at night again. The good news is that Mr L has all but achieved the painting of the house before the weather makes work impossible. He just needs one brief dry spell now in order to finish off. Well, when I say “finish”… there is more to do next year. After steadily maintaining that he would only paint the old part of the house, he now agrees that the new extension should be done as well. As the house is now already a startling stand-out on the landscape, I cannot imagine the impact of so much white under next summer’s sun!

Coming along
Coming along

This is how things looked a few days ago, with the old part at the front of the house under one coat of fresh paint and the new part just visible at the rear, appearing somewhat dingy. With a second coat on and the chimney painted, it’s all a lot more… brilliant.

It is a grey day today and I have no idea where my Blip may come from – I have decided that with the advent of the Nexus, I have no excuse not to do my daily Blipfoto and I wish to be a little more strict about it than I have been. I am feeling as grey as the day is, after a night of coughing and hacking. I’m not really interested in doing much at all. In fact, I have done very little of a useful nature for  the past week.

Mr L has me on board for the Great Android Development Skills Acquisition Project and so far today I have done a little consultation work. My job is to tackle the design and the User Interface. It may be fun. I hope so.

To be honest, all that I really want to do today is to return to my bed. I think that I shall benefit from a mug of coffee and an Eccles Cake. After that I may import some blog posts. I’m leaning towards simplicity and bringing all of my interests under one roof. It will be confusing for followers, I am sure, but easier for me and… well, it’s my blog and I’m feeling that way out today.

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