As with everything else in life, knitting goes best with what my old mother called a “little application“. Application is a relative of elbow grease, I think. Anyway, it was counted a virtue when I was a child… and application did not come easily to a flighty an interested mind.

Well, times have changed – the meaning of the term application has shifted somewhat and I also now have an Android smartphone, a Nexus. I am slowly being persuaded of its utility, via the Apps. Now I want to be utterly convinced – by installing the killer knitting app.

May I have your recommendations, please, for both Knitting and Spinning apps for the Android o/s. I’m thinking nothing too complex – let’s not reinvent Ravelry – but one stable place in which to record progress on all my projects and in particular on pattern progress through charts. Just a funky Row and Stitch Counter, I’d guess – but I know nothing at this stage and want very much to hear what you have to offer.

In fact, don’t confine yourselves to fibre apps – I’d love to know what I really need to install on my phone, other than Candy Crush Saga.

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