Another Happy Dance

I am doing the Happy Dance again today.

I couldn’t go spinning due to perfecting my housewifely role (Mr L had double meetings today and someone had to provide a timely lunch – we had bangers and clapshot, using some of the pork and garlic sausages that we had made at the weekend) but I spun anyway. Wasn’t I good?

In fact, I spun almost solidly from 8am until 4:30pm. I spun up a whole wodge of variegated pencil roving and plyed it to its toning plain. I got two skeins of lumpy bumpy thick-and-thin two ply, with the variegated done lumpy and the pink done fine. Then I Navajo-plyed the remaining pink single. I now have four empty bobbins. Count ’em… FOUR!!! That’s all of them. That means that I am all spun up to date and ready for a new project 🙂

Hence the happy dance.

I think that my new yarn is rather lovely. I say “think” because the light is going now and I need to admire the yarn in full daylight before confirming that fact and choosing a name for it. The colours are not at all what I had expected from the roving and I like it far more than I had ever expected to. What I do know for certain is that this lumpy bumpy project is far superior to the last one (Exuberance) and that my lumpy bumpy skills are developing apace.

So are my general spinning skills, come to think on it. When I recall how long it took me to spin the pink merino – even when actively working on it, rather than elapsed time… I am amazed that I could spin a whole 100 grammes in one day and ply and skein it too.

Tomorrow and Friday, believe it or not, I am helping to teach spinning. The blind leading the blind… but before then I need to pack my spinning kit and finish producing a set of handouts. Eek!

In Other News:

1) The cocoon strippings for Monday’s Craft Club session arrived today. That’s a weight off. Except… now I am worried that I didn’t send for enough. It doesn’t look like a lot.

2) I bought a full set of bamboo DPNs last night – 15 sets of 5  8″ needles. Yes, I know “needs only shopping month” but, hey, I do need them. I keep being stymied on potential knitting projects for lack of suitable needles. And as they cost a whopping £7.99, I don’t feel too bad about the expenditure. Want some? Try seller ID bamboo-crafts-and-fripperies The quality won’t be astounding, but they will get me through some tight spots until I can stock up with quality gear again. How I miss my old knitting basket… *sigh*

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