And while I am here I may as well…

…just tell you about this

Hypotenuse by Anne Hanson


I’m continuing to respond to the urge to knit my handspun.

This is the Merino/Mohair blend that I named Gill’s Delight. It’s fantastic to knit with. So soft.

Easy pattern, large-ish needles, fast progress.

I’m going to love this. I know.


And here’s a sneak preview of my Beanie Frenzy. I have knitted five so far – three in the Merino yarn that J gave me and two in the Noro Kureyon left over from Mr L’s Pine Cone Scarf.

I still have to decide what to do in the way of embellishments.

The Noro ones are really lovely just as they are, so I probably will leave those plain  and simple.

  • My 7mm needles haven’t arrived yet, so my Urchin plans have come to naught.
  • The Swallowtail Shawl has been tinked and restored to the correct number of stitches and is poised to go forwards again but I still have a needle crisis there. The replacement needles are only slightly longer than my bamboos – bad enough –  but their flexibility makes them useless for p5 tbl. I desperately need some 40cm needles of rigid construction. It’s that or bite the circular bullet.
  • Next up – a rash of fingerless glove (mitts) knitting in readiness for this winter, when it seems likely that the heating will be off more often than it is on.