And we have a winner! (or two)

At 8am this morning I found that 36 people had asked to be placed into the draw for the Annis. I was astounded. To give a better chance of winning, I decided to add in a second prize. Not the same, nor equal, but not completely dissimilar.

This is a Lace Fichu knitted from one of the same yarns used in the Annis, but held single. I think it is a very pretty thing. So much so that I  have a second one in production…

Lace Fichu by Cindy Guggemos
Lace Fichu on the blocking table

It would appear that I never made an FO post about it, but you can see it on Ravelry here : (even if you are not a Ravelry user)

So, you probably want to know who won, don’t you? Now, this is the kind of Show and Tell that I like 🙂

The draw was delayed a little by virtue of the attentions of Scottish and Southern Electricity, who have been scrambling up and down my supply pole for the majority of the morning – they turned off the power supply to allow them to work and thereby prevented me from doing what I ought at 10:00 am.

Thankfully they effected a very speedy repair, and here I am!

The first step was to close Comments on yesterday’s post. We had entries via the blog, Ravelry, Facebook, and Twitter.  I wrote  all the names down. Then mixed them up a bit. After that, I added a pseudo-random ID number to each name. Finally, I asked to generate me a number between 1 and 36. It came up with 7, which was the number that I had blindly given to Ravelry user mudpudls. Congratulations, Anita – my Annis is yours!

I drew again for the Fichu and number 17 came out. 17 had been allotted to Teresa, who commented here on yesterday’s post. Teresa left an email address, but no blog details to link to.

I shall be in touch with the winners soon.

Commiserations to those who did not win. Keep an eye on the blog for further extravagences – I do like to give things away 🙂

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  1. Anita Y Henriksen
    July 27, 2010

    I am overwhelmed with happiness and shock, too. Your Annis shawl is beautiful. I love your use of color and the colors themselves. It is a magnificent shawl. It will be well taken care of and worn with pride. I thank you for your generous kindness, as it is awesome. Wow.

    Thank you so much.

    Anita (mudpudls)

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