…and we are back

We are home with our new van. Actually we arrived back at lunchtime yesterday – the intervening period filled with unpacking the van and doing the laundry. There remains much to do.

I tried to keep up with Blipfoto as best I could and to keep a running commentary going whenever we had the necessary facilities. I’ll fill in some gaps soon and then embark on the Two Snails updates. The demands of our itinerary and the weather conditions were such that the cameras did not get much of a look-in. Happily for me that means that reviewing, selecting and editing my images will not be as overwhelming as it normally is.

Teddy and Nell had a wonderful time – Teddy especially loves  travelling and today is being unsettled and complaining raucously.

I put on a couple of kilos in the past three weeks – not through indulgence, as we were pretty restrained on this trip (it was all about testing ordinary living rather than living it up on holiday). Although we found time for a few walks, and some of those were quite lengthy, fundamentally we spent most days just sitting and driving. Overall we did around 1,500 miles in the new van on top of the long trip down to Gloucester in Brunhilde.

The new van still lacks a name and we wonder if this is an indication that we shall not be keeping her. Only time will tell.

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