And other really useful stuff.: Caesium.

Now, this truly speaks to the geek in me. Genius! I could have a whole wardrobe of different elements…

And other really useful stuff.: Caesium.

What’s your favourite emission spectrum?

Closer to home

Seriously late night last night and feeling v sluggish today. Don’t even feel like knitting. I’d like to spin though – and finish the current roving, as another new one arrived today and am now spoiled for fibery choices.

Yesterday’s hat was an Iris hat.

Fierce Fire FO

Made from the Flambe yarn. I have enough left to make one, maybe two, more hat(s). I will probably make a medium Urchin and then decide on a plan for the last of the yarn. Or maybe another Iris, as this one is honestly a bit snug for my head. I could go up a needle size…

And now, I have to make a Mushroom Dopiaza… the trouble with curry-making is that you can’t knit in the kitchen while watching the pans. Not if you want a wearable item at the end of it, that is. I’d better find some reading material.