An absence

Wet and windy this morning and conducive to nothing other than a dreadfully-bad-for-us fried Brunch. Later the rain stopped and the wind dropped a little so we started readying the van for its next trip. That lasted until I became distinctly bored with the task. After a stiffening jolt of caffeine we got the car out. Nell made the appropriate assumption and jumped in the back and thus we all went off to Lopness.  That’s four days on the trot for me and Nell, maybe Spring has finally arrived.

The tide is a bit Neap-ish at the moment so there was not much to be seen of the wreck. One day I’ll get a good shot of it but today was not to be that day.

All the usual candidates:

Nell with Beach Toys

Her first find was a wonderfully large and sturdy plastic oil “can” but this was traded in for the jackpot prize of a large float. Playing with the float made her nose sore of course so we made her leave that behind and so she picked up her plastic container again on the way back, only to abandon it once more when she discovered a new and smaller float to play with.


Fulmarlopness (1 of 1)



Ok, The Sanderling are new, I don’t usually try to photograph those.  In truth we were hoping for otter, as they have recently been active in that area. No otter was seen.

Tomorrow is apparently a holiday, so the fifth day of this weekend. ARGH! Hopefully we’ll be out on the beach again at some point but I do have to carry on preparing the van and baking ready for going away. There is laundry to be done too and I appear to have promised to iron a shirt for Mr L in readiness for the “do” on Friday. I’m not sure that I can remember how to work that fancy iron, actually. Nor do I know where the ironing board is. So. Lots to do.

Whitemill tomorrow, perhaps. Depends on which way the wind is blowing, I suppose. Being spoiled for choice with beaches here, there is always one to choose that will be more sheltered than others may be.

Puzzle week next week (May 9th)! Get those brain sharpened. Still plenty of places on our team, should you wish to join in. There are currently 106 teams registered, should you prefer to add another.

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