All over, bar the shouting

Well, the house is all but empty now. Most of the furniture items are due to be taken away on Wednesday. A “come and take it away” day today followed on our clearance sale of yesterday. There are now only a handful of items remaining and these will go off to the island’s recycle Shop on Tuesday. Any surplus clothing will go to the Swishing Shed at the same time. I am now engaged in emptying food storage cupboards…

The normal waste collection is tomorrow and the Special Refuse Collection follows later this week. A bonfire today took care of any burnable rubbish and Mr L gave the grass its final cut. By Wednesday night we shall be living in the van and all that will remain to be done is the house cleaning and a few farewell walks over as much of the island that we can cover. We are still discussing whether or not to have a goodbye bash. I am not sure that I could bear to say goodbye to everyone.

Mr L has enjoyed the socialising he has been involved in of late and has come to realise just how much he has missed by being so solitary and also just how much he has settled and feels at home here. I do believe that there is real hope that when we finally settle again, it will be here on Sanday. I do hope so.

The focus of blogging will soon be on travel and therefore activity at Two Snails will be gearing up and here things will go a little quiet. Don’t forget to come and find us there.

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