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Here we are, safely installed in Kirkcudbrightshire. We landed yesterday afternoon and parked up in our allocated space. We have had a wonderful holiday on our trip down, some of which is now recorded at Two Snails. I have more to write up there and probably some waffle to place here too.

My OU course began last weekend but I arrived here to find that my course mailing has been returned to Milton Keynes! I managed to set up Broadband etc. in time for an online tutorial practice session last evening at 7pm (we arrived here about 4:30, I think – it was a bit of a rush.) I also set about booking tutorial slots but missed the boat on this weekend’s session led by my own tutor.

Nell is having a whale of a time and is looking really fit, slim and sleek with a shiny-shiny coat. Mr L is toning up too and now looks less of a pasty office worker and is developing a proper Retirement Tan. With me, the progress is slower. I began from a poor position. Possibly I am a tad trimmer and slimmer but I can’t quite tell yet. Like Mr L I have a tan, with visible demarcation between white and brown bits.

There is much to tell! However, the weather here is so spectacular and the autumnal woods are so inviting that we are making the most of the opportunities to walk, Today we walked to Colvend through Dalbeattie Forest (3 miles or so) to investigate our local shop. It is a Costcutter and pretty small so expectations were not high. We were delighted when we arrived to find that it is well stocked with quality branded items, including some good wines. It’s only a fraction of the size of our shop back home but stocks far more that I actually want to buy. There was also evidence of some beautifully fresh local veg. There were freshly-baked bread products including morning rolls, baguettes and croissants. Fresh pasta was on offer and there was a wide choice of vegetarian and wholefood-type products. Free Range, organic-fed eggs are available too. I am feeling pretty happy – especially since picking up a leaflet with details about the weekly visit of the fresh fish van. We won’t be starving whilst we are here!

The plan had been to travel back on the bus but the weather was simply stunning and far too good to waste, so we walked home again. A mile or so in total more than my old knees were actually happy to do.

I’ll try to do some catch-up posts in the coming days but please be aware that (a) I have my OU to do (b) Puzzle Week starts Monday (c) I really need to organise the van as a home and (d) I’m out! 🙂

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