All but one

The penultimate day of 2013 offered us little in the way of blog material. I have been doing the laundry, cleaning cat trays and tidying my desk. Not the stuff of history, really. Here’s a few oddments that reflect my day:

1 – I seem to have lost a packet of Lamy cartridges. I bought them in Kirkwall on that day in November when it snowed so heavily. Cannot find them anywhere today. At least the tidying of my desk eventually revealed a pair of converters – so I filled both Lamy pens with proper ink. One is Violette Pensée from Herbin and the other is filled with good old Parker Quink – from a bottle I may well have owned since I was doing my BA in 1986. I have no idea why I undertook this exercise but I am betting that my subconscious is working a plan up to the surface for my conscious decision.

2 – We are eating light today as tomorrow is a feast day. When I say “light” – we opted for a bag of scampi – only I departed from our usual habit of oven-baking and threw caution to the winds by deploying the deep-frying oil. My, they are so much tastier that way! I was not a total loony – we had oven chips and were not even tempted to fry those. We are only bad, not plain wicked.

3 – I have a diary! Don’t worry, it is not going to become my bosom pal. I have no plans for New year’s resolutions involving daily journals.  It’s actually for recording stuff like meals taken  and any symptoms transpiring, to see if we can pin anything down. I do have a plan to feature it in my first image of my 365.

4 – Poor old Suzie is in poor shape today and is clearly hurting. She is grumbling and grunting and her eyes are very clouded. I think that perhaps if we attempt another walk this holiday we should probably leave her at home. That feels mean. It also feels very, very sad. And a bit tearful.

If Suzie continues this way after a few days’ rest we shall have to ask the vet if we should increase Suzie’s medication dose.

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