Air Stash

Hardly worth calling a stash!

Air: White, Grey, Yellow


300 grammes of BFL commercially spun 4ply yarn, some alpaca fibre to spin (can’t wait!), and a somewhat desperate inclusion of  two yarns from a Colinette grab bag (neither of which is honestly grey) – and no yellow in the house at all.

I daresay the BFL will form some kind of Shetland lace scarf  light and, er, airy. I’d like to get enough yardage from the alpaca to make a pair of fingerless gloves – I suppose I shall need it blend it to eke it out.

The Colinette? Freeform, maybe, or felting projects. To be honest, it tells me that it belongs in the Earth group and will need to represent ploughed furrows and stone dykes in some felted piece. I should listen.

What I do have is plenty of white and off white fleece to play with, and some white skeins already spun. I can use these as whites, or dye some yellow or grey. In terms of challenge, this group may prove to be the most fun of the four elements because I shall have to be creative and stretch my resources, ideas, and skills.

What might  be fun would be to spin up examples of all my white fleeces and then create something that works with all the off whites and differing textures…

I am open to all gifts/swaps of yellow fibre/yarns, though! Perhaps a swap for something from my over-subscribed Fire group?

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