A very odd job

48 working days to go.

Mr L’s RV task for the day was to get the Freesat working. Why? Well, when we come to sell, every little helps. Anyway, it is up and is running. We had a furtle through the channel listings.

We are now reminded why it is that we do not have television.

That said, we have been watching our way through the Green Wing boxed set on the laptop in bed of an evening and came to the Special finale last night. It has been fun. Great television and in wonderfully poor taste at many points. A pity they never made any more.

Nothing much happening here. I had a bad day today. There were tears. Feeling very down in the dumps right now  and we have neither chocolate nor alcohol to hand. I did try to shake it off by going out to bag some bruck as the day has been bright and sunny, the wind having died down overnight. Unfortunately it remains too breezy for single-handed bruck-bagging. The bags were blowing all over the place. I did shift an old wheel and tyre off the beach though. My bit for the day.

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