A very nebulous Show & Tell

I really wanted to show you the most wonderful skein of hand-dyed yarn today.

It is the most marvelous and subtle job of dyeing, on a 80/20 Merino/Nylon base, from Violet Green.

I tried. Truly, I tried. Alas, my camera setup could not cope and all I have is this murky shot to show you.

It is no way captures either the glow or the subtlety of this skein.

Anyway, the dye job is called Horsehead, and I love it. It is earmarked for one of the Silk Road Socks — most likely Nain, and will be due along in May if plans come to fruition.

If the naming of the skein eludes you, perhaps this one will help to enlighten…

This is a skein of Violet Green’s Helios sock yarn – a Merino and Silk base. The colour, which I have entirely failed once more to reproduce accurately, is named Orion.

Clearly they are on an Astronomy kick over at Violet Green HQ. Something of which I heartily approve – dyeing skeins in the shades of (photographs of) nebulae in particular is such a stroke of genius! There is a whole Universe of inspiration out there…

This second skein is already on the needles — I am using it for the Gördes socks KAL that starts today. It’s looking good, though I am sorely in need of a smaller diameter cable needle. I succumbed to a KnitPro Symfonie set from p2tog.com and I expect that they will be here tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll have a WIP shot of the sock in progress later in the day.

Antalya made some progress during the hiatus ‘twixt Mingus and Gördes and I have almost 4 repeats (of 11) done. I am expecting that the new cable needles will make the knitting of the hat easier/faster so I shall get a double whammy from the purchase.

Mingus socks are blocked and dry and I plan to share those on Friday.

I am trying to fight off the urge to cast on for a Norie hat while I wait for the cable needles. Successful so far, I spent last evening knitting on a pair of plain ferry socks. But I have alpaca for the hat and I feel it calling to me…

Failure to determine any particular shopping needs led to me not going to town today. I am however banished from the office during a conference call this afternoon. I find myself reluctant to go to the sitting room to spin (we have a dead mouse in the walls and it pongs summat awful) – choices remaining are:

  • bake cake in the kitchen
  • weave in the craft room
  • cast on for a Norie with my feet up on the bed for an hour and the radio on

An excellent set of choices. Which shall I take?

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