A quiet weekend

I collected Mr L from the airfield yesterday morning – the poor man looked whacked, but I let him drive us home anyway. He’d mentioned on the phone how hard he was finding it, to not be in control of anything while he was travelling. So, I gave him control.

We unpacked and made coffee, because I knew he would have been missing a decent cup. Then we just flopped on the sofa for a couple of hours. A very early bath saw us take off to an equally early bed – with a tray of goodies, two pint glasses, and the Mac. We spent the evening watching some very stupid movies and went to sleep ridiculously late. We just spent our time in enjoying each other’s company and it was too good to cut short. Tonight we shall make up for it and have an early night – he is back at his desk in the morning and I think I shall have to do the long haul to town. A proper night’s sleep is indicated.

Feeling pretty fed up now, still holding one finger carefully in the air and completely unable to  knit or spin – and I hate doing nothing, it drives me mad.

Doing nothing is giving me far too much time to think. At the  moment I am giving all that thought to the Next Grand Project. Something really truly ambitious has caught my eye and I want to get going on it. If I do, I can see all else being buried at the bottom of the workbasket for months to come. So I had better resist. But it’s like crack, you know. Lace. This urge to find a bigger and more difficult challenge. The first hit of a new cast-on. It’s magic. But the rush subsides, and it is soon time to find another dealer (designer) another rush… I’m an addict. Is there a support group? a seven step programme, for people like us?

Anyway, I blame Natalie. She has a sale on Mist, her very fine laceweight hand-dyed Merino yarn. Just £7 for 1,000 metres… and there’s this shawl I want to make, and it needs 2,300 yards… I was thinking purple… and if I thought that there was a cat in hell’s chance of completing the thing in time for this year’s Show, then I’d go for it! But then I think… what about my Laminaria, eh? Perhaps enough of a challenge to be going on with, and I need to complete the Ruffled Fichu too, not to mention getting on with Mr L’s 4ply aran sweater.

Perhaps I could just stash the Mist, for next year…

Where’s that support group?


  1. May 17, 2009

    I’ve bought some and stashed it! In fact I also bought some Betwixt and some fibre, oh and then I went and splurged at Kemps as well. The not buying yarn thing flew out of the window this weekend! I blame the failed job interviews, I always need to buy yarn when I feel a failure ( not really but rejection is never nice.) This time last year was the same!

    • May 17, 2009

      Ah, stashing-for-comfort BTDTGTTS. That’s where I was on Friday – I wanted the gold shade of Mist but as there were only 2 skeins, I was saved from myself! Actually, the shawl that I want to do would be better in Aurora and I am wondering if Natalie might do me a custom-dye job. I’m thinking shot taffeta/dung beetle-back – One of her lovely over-dyed jobs in an almost-black, shot with emerald or peacock or darkest amethyst…

      Don’t worry, you’ll get a job soon – you are getting plenty of interviews and are bound to find the right fit somewhere. How do you feel about the Shetland prospect?

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