A little sock naivete

heeled-thbThe sock makes progress. By bath time last night I had the heel turned. It had been a struggle, both mentally and physically. The pattern instructions are laid out in very dense fashion, making them difficult to read, and written in a way that I  found moderately hard to follow. Physically working the shaping was tight, difficult work and I found myself wishing that I had a set of shorter DPNs for this job – and feeling very annoyed at John Lewis/Rowan. I think I’ll put the instep stitches onto waste yarn for the second of the pair, that should ease matters greatly.

Anyway, here it is (apologies for the colour, shot taken in artificial light.) It’s a heel, of sorts. I was quite depressed about it until the Great Toe-Up Sock Truth dawned on me. There’s no gusset shaping to be done.


Can you imagine how this revelation stunned me? No stitches to pick up. No shapings to do. Just carry on and gallop up the leg. Can you imagine?

Now, I should think that is something I should probably have understood previously but, never having engaged with this method of sock construction before, it came as a total revelation. An utter surprise.

spring-thb And thus, the sock grows quickly. It and I have just been for another airing, as it is another gorgeous day today. There are signs of Spring on the Windswept Acre. Can you see them? Yes, fresh tender leaves and, can it be…. but, yes – that is a lawnmower. Guess what Mr plumbum is doing with his day?

Me, I am taking things easy and pottering with my sock. I took anti-histamines to control my UV reaction and am very dopey today. Not fit for much at all. Just writing this post is taxing me to the limit (and taking a very long time.)

We have a mass of fresh fruit/salad/veg again, having been to the mainland this week. It looks like Mr plumbum’s curry today will be a Mushroom Dopiaza or a Biryani, maybe. Or possibly a Mushroom and Spinach confection, or there is a chance of Aubergine and Chick Pea. Spoiled for choice!

It’s the Farmers’ Market tomorrow and we hope to buy some Els Ness steak. If we do, then Mr plumbum is head chef again tomorrow night and I get a rather early b’day dinner – this because by the time my actual natal anniversary arrives there will be none of the good fresh stuff remaining. We have sparrergrass and strawberries to go at, new potatoes and mushrooms, fresh spinach and assorted salad stuffs – should be a fine meal. Best get that sock completed this afternoon, I think.

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