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There was a step change yesterday and I was delighted to be able to spend my day in an upright position and without benefit of painkillers. I put the improvement down to this

I cast on on Tuesday for my Windswept shawl. It seems to have been therapeutic and relaxing. It has now reached the end of Chart 2 and been popped into hibernation while I return to the planned schedule.

Today I have been working on my Norby hat. It is now at the shaping section and will be done by bedtime. Before I got the Norby out I worked on my handspun sock. The ends are sewn in and the sock is washed and drying.

I have no idea what tomorrow will bring. I may cast on the second handspun sock, or the second Senneh sock, or even a commission or two. Or I may just take a look at Chart 3. I am really enjoying the shawl but don’t want to become carried away with it, because I am also enjoying picking off the UFOs – there is great satisfaction in each tick against the list.

Two notes:

1 – there’s a lifeline in that shawl!

2 – I’m using KnitPro Spectra acrylic tips on my needle for the Norby. I bought some in a sale a while ago, just to try them out. When it came to casting on the Norby the acrylic tips were all that I had free in the right size. I am surprised at just how much I am enjoying working with them. They have really good points and these combined with the notable flexibility make work really fast, especially though the decrease stitches. They make a good combination with the alpaca yarn that I am using.

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