A funny old day

We reviewed the forecast today and decided that if I went to town I might not get home. So I stayed home and made Spanokopita – a dish that I have never had any confidence in spelling. I also did some sorting out in the utility room and tried to put away the dry goods that arrived recently from Approved Foods. In addition to that, and a little light housework (!) I soaked my Haruni.

I soaked my Haruni before I weighed it – argh! So I have no idea how much yarn I used and I cannot yet report it in 10 Shawls in 2010.

Here is my Haruni on the blocking table

I lack the patience to do a proper job of it



I’m sure that a proper FO post will follow in due course. I really should get caught up soon…

Mr L had an email after lunch, summoning him to a conference. All staff to attend. Less than an hour’s notice. We started to plan how to spend the redundancy payment immediately.

Sadly, it was not redundancies. Contrary to all expectation it was an announcement of bonuses. Significant bonuses. We are literally gob-smacked.

Gail progresses – 4 and a half repeats done. I’m going to make inroads on her later.

In Other Shawl News: I’ve signed up for a mystery KAL. It’s circular, about 1,700 yards. I need to find yarn and beads, quite quickly. Swatching should begin later this week. I’m hoping to use my grey silk, but it may be just too skinny.

I’m quite pleased – it fulfils my requirements for 10 Shawls in 2010 and pushes my skills along a notch. It’s a Susan Pandorf, and she was on my list for escalating my lace and beading skills this year. The shawl should complete in May, so I’ll have something grand for this year’s Show. Result, I think.

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  1. January 21, 2010

    SpinningGill: The Haruni is stunning!  

    Gorgeous, isn’t it? and so quick and simple to knit!

  2. January 22, 2010

    This is beautiful! I can’t believe you can knit things like this so quickly.

    • January 22, 2010

      Thank you, Carole.

      carole: I can’t believe you can knit things like this so quickly.

      LOL, me neither. My skills are coming along nicely.

      If you ever spot one of these that really appeals to you, let me know and it’s yours. Lord knows what I am ever going to do with them myself. It’s just an occupation. How about Margaret, do you think she’d like one?

      • January 22, 2010

        Wow – I’d love one (and I’m sure Margaret would too). But have you thought about selling them? At least to recoup money for your stash! I’m thinking of Fairhand here. You are very good at photographing them too. Your approach to photographing them reminds me of Makepiece in Todmorden.

        • January 22, 2010

          There are copyright issues with selling them, though I bend the rules a bit and have them on show locally for sale – at silly prices that I can defend as “covering costs and not yielding profits” – but they don’t sell.

          I’m always happy to exchange finished work for replacment yarn 🙂

          The good news is that I am beginning to make original works. I’m a way off designing a shawl yet but I do have a hat and a cowl on the needles and I plan to make the patterns available when I have thrashed them out.

          Truly – any time you spot a shawl or scarf on the blog that you would really like to have, just let me know and it’s yours. After all – it was you who got me back on the knitting needles after so long away from them! and I don’t think my MiL can use any more knitted birthday presents :-}

          • January 22, 2010

            wool gatherer: After all – it was you who got me back on the knitting needles after so long away from them

            Looking at my hamfisted and short lived attempts at knitting, there is something quite amusing about that! Clearly the most productive and useful aspect of my brief foray into knitting was to inspire you to pick up the needles again 🙂

            wool gatherer: any time you spot a shawl or scarf on the blog that you would really like to have, just let me know and it’s yours

            Thank you, that’s really generous. The only problem now is choosing! It’s a case of that one, and that one, and that one ….I’ll keep watching and see if anything grabs me more than this one (which I do love). And if I do, you’ll need a wish list of yarns!

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