A funny old day

Let us begin with the positives:


The sock made progress in bed last night while we watched a couple of episodes of Merlin on the BBC iplayer. This is the sock in its position of safety that I put it in at lights out time. This a definite plus on the side of magic loop, for me at least. No chance of losing any stitches (this being the reason that I am tackling this sock and not the Monster Sock just now – it is minus a very several stitches right now)

It still does not feel fluent and the turning round and pulling through of the needles seems a very slow process just yet. I do like the fact that I get a full 30 stitches in at one go and I think I would like using the loop for something such as a hat.

Second positive of the day – the bread is on and is rising nicely. I am switching to a multiple loaf approach to save fuel costs as of today and will make one to eat and one to freeze, as a general rule.

Third positive – the cash back from the mortgage transfer has appeared in our account. Very swiftly! We are impressed, and grateful.

and the other side of the ledger?

  • Mr L’s PC would not switch on this morning. He took it apart, cleaned the PSU, fitted a new fuse and replaced the PSU and switched on again
  • There was a very loud bang, the whole of the inside of his PC lit up, and there was a strong smell of ozone
  • The drying has been in the tumble dryer for 2 hours and is still steaming… that cannot possibly be right!
  • Postie drove straight by this morning so I still don’t have my club yarn from the Yarn Yard

So, let me see… we need funds for: chimney repair, a new pc, a possible tumble dryer repair, oh – and a small matter of 2,000 litres of domestic heating oil. EEK!

All this, and we have meeces in the loft too. They are keeping us awake.

Comfort food today – sausage (home made, of course) and potato/parsnip mash. Thick onion gravy with lots of sage in it… the best part of the onset of Autumn and Winter weather is the rib-sticking food that goes with it. Porridge soon, I think. Can I put gin in it? My mother used to put my cod liver oil in my porridge wen I was small. If you can do that then surely gin is not off limits…


  1. jenny
    October 7, 2008

    home made sausage – what recipe do you use? My tumble dryer has a safety feature when the wind blows in the hose venting outside it goes to cool mode – any chance thats whats wrong with yours? Theres a button on the side I have to press to reset it.

  2. October 8, 2008

    Sausages: we are still at the experimental stage and finding out what suits us. These were pork sausages, with cider and apple seasoning. Big, fat, densely meaty ones. Not our favourites so far.

    Tumble Dryer: ours is a condenser dryer, so no venting to cause problems. More likely to be a dog hair clog, except this machine has no filter point to clean and therefore has us stumped. We shall need to strip it down to find out where it is clogging. Though, if that were the problem, I’d expect the wash function to be suffering – and it isn’t. I’m wondering, as it is an intermittent problem, if the machine gets starved of cold water when e.g. the dishwasher is working at the same time.

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