A few minutes later

Today got off to a wobbly start. There was a sensational sunrise – of the “crack o’ doom” variety, really dramatic and fiery reds with purplish inky clouds and bright golden flashes peeking through the murk. Wonderful. Where was I? Was I out in the garden with camera and tripod? No, I was in the house and feeding the dogs. By the time that duty was done, the drama had passed and the sky was looking a little more mundane.

I took what I could but alas, I am absolutely useless at shooting dramatic skies.  My mission today is to find some tutorial material on the subject, in case of further drama tomorrow. What’s the betting that it all comes down to owning the right kit? I wish I could run to lenses and filters and all the goodies. Ah well, at least a few exposure tweaks should yield results.

The red sky this morning seems to augur disappointment for my hopes for fair weather today. I want to take my 365 shot outside and preferably in sunshine. I have a Plan, you see. Thankfully I also have a backup plan, though I am far less keen on the indoors-if-wet proposal.

The morning got worse, by the way – I had sour milk on my home-made Granola. Bleugh.

Very disappointed last night to see no aurora. I had the camera set up ready and waiting, with all the right exposure settings, a charged battery and an empty card. Every time that I woke during the night, I got out of bed and peeked through the curtains in hope and expectation… for a null result.

A light load today – my ToDo list is almost fully ticked and lunch is just oven-baked fish and chips. Finally, FINALLY, we have finished the Christmas gammon joint! The last of it went into a pasta bake with porcini and mascarpone yesterday. Very delicious, but I am glad to see the back of it and a little fish will provide some longed-for variety.

Stocks are looking bare and I need to plan a trip to town. We are in re-fit period though and what with the dodgy weather and all… well, it is difficult to find commitment to the idea.

Right – I must away and tend to my mushy peas!

Must catch up with my Future Learn courses later today.

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  1. spinninggill
    January 10, 2014

    There was a bit of a glow and a faint shaft when I was outside at about 11pm. Maybe we’ll have better luck tonight if there’s any left over. 🙂

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