A cuff round the ears

I must say, disregarding the trauma of the wrapped heel and toe, I do like this sock. It’s a pleasure to knit – the pattern has a nice rhythm to it and is simple enough to be error-free but demands enough attention to keep  boredom at bay.

I am just about to knit the rib on the cuff. I probably will not cast on the second sock until the second skein arrives – I am well past the half way mark on the first skein already.

So, what shall I do this afternoon? Spin? Start the second Cash and Burn sock? Cast on Something Else? Or maybe, just maybe, knit a bit more of the Grrreen ‘n Grrrowlly socks?

Don’t ask me – I have no idea!

If I had to confess, I might whisper something about being drawn to an Anne Hanson “little nothing” and that cone of Alpaca… but that would be plain silly/masochistic right now. Wouldn’t it?