A couple of loose ends from the weekend

On the way home from Hoy, Mr L remarked what a pity it was that we could not pick the car up but that it was not going to be tested until Tuesday (today). When we arrived home there had been a call in the afternoon left on the answer-phone. The car had passed its test and we could come and pick it up. Ho, hum.

Discussion ensued and we all but booked the ferry to take Brunhilde away again, most likely back to Hoy (more of that shortly.)

In the end, common sense prevailed and it was agreed that turning around and getting ready to go off again on Thursday night was plain madness. Most of all, it was not fair to Ted, who clearly did not enjoy being alone all weekend. Leaving two cats together for  a few days is not a problem. Leaving one with no company works for some, clearly not for him. Next time he will have to come with us and the longish period of training that we had envisaged will not be taking place. It’s in at the deep end for him. That or we acquire him some company… (I confess that I have been googling for Bengal re-homes needed. Do let me know if you have a spare Bengal about the place that is looking for a quiet life in the country with a handsome companion.)

We can manage in the short term I’m sure, especially by making short trips for a while and not staying longer than perhaps two nights. We can pick up a harness and leash for him in town as we go away next time and we can take  a litter tray with us in the van. The inconvenience of having to use a rigid cat box to secure Teddy until we can buy a collapsible cat carier is not great, just likely to be a little annoying.  All that I really know is that to leave him again is not an option, not for longer than one night.

So, Mr L will go into town on Friday to collect the car and I will stay at home, sitting in the van all afternoon with Teddy so that he can become used to the space.

One of the reasons that we were so quick to imagine going off again this weekend is that while we were on Hoy we saw some posters advertising a couple of John Otway gigs. He is appearing at Stromness on Thursday evening but not at a time that we could manage, due to ferry timetabling. His other gig is on Hoy on Saturday and that was a tempting proposition – it’s a 75 seat venue. I have not seen John Otway since the mid-Nineties but he remains to this day the best Live act that I ever saw.  I recall his reducing me to helpless tears of laughter…

If only we had been aware sooner we might have taken last weekend’s trip this weekend instead and managed matters so much better.

Most of today was spent in sorting out my many images from the weekend. I confess that it is slow progress and that the blog notes will be a little while in coming.  I did find time to make a Ratatouille for lunch and to Blip a few photos. No knitting has been done.

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