A couple of FOs

It seems like forever since I began the Baby Surprise Jacket. I had just heard that a friend and former colleague and his wife were to have a baby. Baby was due December 16th, but I couldn’t resist casting on immediately. I got most of the jacket done in a day, knitted a bit more the day after… then it languished – for reasons I am now uncertain about.

The project took a kick in the pants when N e-mailed me this week to say that the baby was now fully cooked and had arrived in time for Christmas lunch.

It's a Boy! ... It's a BSJ!
It's a Boy! ............................ It's a BSJ!

The BSJ was rapidly completed! I eyeballed the yarn left over – and made a baby beanie to go with the jacket. Then I began on a pair of socks…

There was just sufficient in the ball to make all three, with only a few yards left over at the end – nothing to quibble about. Excellent use of one ball of sock yarn, I’d say.

Finished objects:

Zachary Joseph S. (no Ravelry project)

Zachary Jacketry – a BSJ in Trekking XXL

Baby Surprise Jacket
Baby Surprise Jacket

Zak’s Hat – a Baby Beanie in Trekking XXL

Baby Surprise Jacket and Baby Beanie
Baby Surprise Jacket and Baby Beanie

Zak’s Little Feet – Baby Socks in Trekking XXL

Baby socks for baby feet!
Baby socks for baby feet!

The jacket is finished with some darling triangular mother-of-pearl buttons, carefully attached with turquoise thread.

with added sock
with added sock

I shall be packing this lot up later today and sending it on its way tomorrow.


  1. Chris
    January 24, 2009

    It’s beautiful! As much as I adore Elizabeth Zimmerman, I’ve never made a BSJ.

    Your mitered front corners look different than the other jackets I remember, did you make yours longer?

    • January 24, 2009

      I think I sewed mine together inside out… possibly. That may account for the difference – that, or a lack of skill…

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