A Conversation

In a home, somewhere around the 59th Parallel. It is early in the day, the sun barely above the horizon. Outside the rain is lashing at the windows. There is grey and dismal light. A couple are going about their daily business:

He: (Shouty noises off stage)

She: (arriving in kitchen to investigate) Are you all right?

He: Yeah – I’m fine. I’m just tired. 

She: You should have stayed in bed, what time did you get up?

He: About quarter to seven.

She: No wonder you’re tired

He: Trying to do too many things at the same time. I fed the dogs on cat food by accident.

She: And you have your sweater on inside out.

He: (Re-dresses self and moves to office)

She: (Following) Would you prefer not to fast today?

He: No, why?

She: Well, you just seem as though you might not be up to it today.

He: No, I’ll be fine.

She: (Returning to kitchen) OK. 


(Back in the Office) But didn’t I just see you with a bowl of cereal?

He: (Spoon in hand) Oh… blast

She: I could whip up some fish for lunch and we can fast tomorrow?

He: That’d be good.


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