A brand new week to play with

Good morning, Monday — could you not have been a little brighter and dryer, just for a change? No? Well, we’d best just shrug our shoulders and get on with it then. Perhaps we should replace the hens with ducks.

The Postie has been. He brought with him a new stylus for the jukebox. It was duly fitted. Now we know that the volume control is not functioning. Work will continue… despite the great disappointment of discovering that the amplifier is a mono one, not stereo.

Speaking of work continuing… I managed to make further progress on Antalya last evening. Not sufficient, but I do have 8 of 10 full repeats completed. The 11th repeat is 15 of 16 rows, so we do have effectively 3 repeats remaining. Three repeats in a day is a lot, as working this pattern is really hurting my hands – however, I swore to have it done by last night and so I will press myself to aim for a finish today. That still leaves me one day behind on this week’s self-enforced schedule. I can see that I shall have need to concentrate my efforts.

Well, that’s it, I think. It’s a grey and miserable day again. There’s little happening and nothing to speak of, except my longing for some hills and trees and… well, we’d best not open that particular can of worms. I may not be able to stuff them back on once they are out.

Oh. Candleford. Have you ever seen such a welter of resolution in so few minutes? One homecoming, one pregnancy, one writer made,  one proposal, another romance started… It was as though somebody came in during Ep 5 and said “They’re not giving us any money for next year, we’d best wrap it all up next week.” Such idiocy. Do viewers need resolution? I think not. Unresolved story arcs leave much to the imagination – in much the way that Radio is better than TV and books are better still than radio.

Anyway, I at least found the whole episode ludicrous.

I’ll miss Brendan Coyle, though. Yum.

Do you have any idea how badly I want to cast on for something new and exotic? ARGH! Bsck to the plan, and the hat and the cable needles. Sigh.

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