A bit missing

(Oh, that is a clever title up there. I do feel pleased with myself.)

A piece broke off my MagiMix last week. It was the operating lug from the lid. I had no idea how much I relied on that particular piece of kitchen frippery until it went down. Pasta with tomato sauce and cheese, m’dear? – of course. (Blast. I shall have to grate it all by hand.) Braised red cabbage, my sweet? Yes, you can. (Dammit, I’m going to have to slice it all) Cheese scones for tea? Certainly. (Whoops a daisy, more grating, and I shall have to rub that fat in by hand too.) It is not that I cannot do these things manually but the fact that I have become used to the speed of the operation. I have been running late all week.

The missing lug is only one indication of why this blog has gone awol recently.

The dishwasher broke last week. Finally. Irrevocably.

Now, I do not like dishwashers. I swear that they make more work than they save, they take up valuable cupboard space too,  and I truly do not mind washing up by hand. The only reason that we have one is because we inherited it when we moved in.  Mr L, is the opposite. He loves dishwashers and he hates washing up and says that it takes far too long (not the way that I do it, my love.) He does not mind at all taking (more than) his turn at filling and emptying the damn thing, but he will not wash up and thus it has fallen entirely to me to keep the kitchen in order since the dishwasher died. Overall, a dent in my available time.

The replacement lid for the MagiMix arrived this morning -  hurrah!

The new dishwasher arrives later today.

I would never  have accepted it as truth that one day I would be living in a household where a brand new dishwasher was purchased. My foundations have been rocked. Anyway, I expect it will have been installed by the time that I return from photo class.

And, speaking of photography, therein lies the main reason for my absence from these pages. I have installed Lightroom 3… and the learning curve is steep. I have been watching tutorial videoas clearly not designed for those needing to learn from first principles, and then trying to recall all that I have seen and heard and put it into practice on the 400 or so images that I snapped last weekend. I am slow. Very slow.

“Never mind all that,” I hear you saying. “What about the knitting?”

I cannot fool you for a moment can I? Please see above.  It was intended as a blind, but it is also my excuse. Pardon me, there has been no knitting. Not.One.Stitch.

Now, you go back to what you were doing, and I shall return to chopping veg for lunch. Speedily.


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