So, what does 500 kilocalories look like?

Persian Chicken Curry from the 5:2 Skinny Curry recipe book, served with a spiced cauliflower and green pepper dish that we often make, from a cheapo Simple Indian Recipes booklet. The veg recipe calls for considerably more oil than I used for the fast day – I throttled back to 1 tbsp. With 150 kilocalories to spare, we topped off with 75 grammes of Basmati Rice.

Tasty and satisfying, the Persian Chicken Curry was declared good enough to eat on an ordinary day.  The recipe makes enough for 4, so Mr L suggested refrigerating the second half and having the same again today.

Thursday's slightly more than 500
Thursday’s slightly more than 500

The reheated chicken curry, with “The Best Lentil Dahl” from Fast Cook, and Turmeric and Cabbage Thoran from the Skinny Curry book actually added up to over my 500 – Mr L topped up to his 600 with some rice. In fact I could  not finish mine and this, together with not having used the full amount of dessicated coconut with the cabbage, almost certainly got me back to 500 or less.

The dahl is actually made with split peas. I think that I prefer the creaminess of lentils but this was fine. The recipe made 6 servings and will probably reappear on Monday as a hearty soup offering 400 calories… and room for a small piece of naan to dunk. The remaining cabbage will get tossed in to add a little leafy goodness. Waste not, want not and all that.

I felt a little more energetic today and cranked up both speed and incline on the treadmill, though am still a long way off meeting last week’s very enthusiastic start.

If Mr L’s training injury settles down sufficiently we shall go to town tomorrow. If he’s still hobbling I guess I shall have to go alone. I still need a knitting project – nothing that I have on my desk just now is at all suitable for a ferry ride. The doily is growing but in no danger of finishing any time soon – currently Round 39 of 134. Hugo is off the blocking mats and now on a hanger in the bedroom. The Cecchetti sweater is sitting in a lumpen heap, depressing me mightily. It confirms only that I have no knitting skills whatsoever.

Well, it’s the weekend once more. It does come around quickly these days!

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