30 Days Wild : 9

Day 9

Day 9 of 30 Days Wild sees me largely confined to barracks. I am discovering however that tuning in to the Wild need not be so challenging, no matter how busy I am.

Territories and Flags

I was hanging out the washing on the line when I heard my garden Wren scolding loudly. He is highly territorial by nature and does not care for intruders. He makes a lot of noise for such a peedie bird. I put the last peg in and went to look to see what was happening. Halfway up the garden wall I spotted a Pied Wagtail, beak stuffed with goodies intended for the kids.

Having got that far up the garden, I decided to go all the way and see how the Flag Irises (Iris pseudacorus) are doing. They are so late this year! Normally the Iris would be in flower by now. This year has been cold and wet. The large patch of Iris at the top of the garden are showing very few buds. Those that are showing are nowhere near mature.

The Horsetails are also late but are at least showing. I confess that I have never put any effort into identifying which sub-genus we have represented here but I assume from its location in the wetter part of the garden that it is Equisetum palustre, the marsh horsetail. 30 Days Wild may be my driver to check what is actually growing in my garden. Today I have photos, another day I shall pluck samples.

Horsetails speak to me in a way that I cannot quite fathom. Their ancient origins are somehow inspiring. That a plant should outlive the Dinosaurs and still be with us now, is amazing.

One plant that we do not have within our garden boundary but which grows abundantly just over the wall, is the Marsh Marigold or Kingcup, Caltha palustris. They have looked simply splendid this year and I keep meaning to walk round to photograph them. I fear that I have missed that boat and that the flowers will have gone over by now. I must venture forth without delay and see what I can capture.

Today’s Photographs

  • The Irises today – a few buds showing but not yet filling out

Feeding time

We are being kept amused by the antics of the Starlings, who now have their fledged young out and about but are still feeding them… from our hen’s trough. The young are still a uniform brown, soft and fluffy and very indolent. Mum and Dad do all the work, flying to and from the trough, braving the aggressive pecking of the hens to grab a pellet and then flying up to the dyke top to pass food to the layabout teenager lolling about with beak open.

I so want to take photographs! Unfortunately we have fitted new windows to all the best vantage points. The windows are top-hung and cannot be flung wide to point a camera out of them. If I had time I would put a tripod out and use a remote control to shoot the antics but I’m just too busy this year. Too much to do, too little time – but I can still spend my coffee break looking out of the window and laughing at the goings on.

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