A fate worse than death

The financing papers for the new van arrived this morning; that’s a relief. Plenty of time to sort it out before we go to see the van of choice.

Also in today’s post was our copy of the Brit Stops book. A massive tome, listing hundreds of places we can park a motorhome for free at Pubs, Farm Shops, Vineyards and so on. The idea is that you’ll want to spend money, but the stops are free and no pressure to purchase is permitted. I think it is going to be an invaluable asset.

Yesterday settled one or two of my great financial worries about the nomadic life. There exist sites where one can settle with a van for extended periods. Typically the rates are low. It is possible to find a 12 month contract, with electric hookup, for under £2,000. I found a rather fabulous one in Spain yesterday, offering a rate of 5 Euros per night, for stays of 30 days or more. What a pity that I have no discernible desire to visit Spain! None whatsoever.

There’s not much happening here, other than a load of planning. No knitting, no spinning. I even missed Tai Chi last night, which annoyed me considerably but after a night of discomfort and a day of limping on a sore hip, it was off the menu. Not sure what caused it but probably standing out in the cold watching the aurora was not unrelated. I’m still quite sore today so my plans to start packing Brunhilde for her final trip may well not develop.

As for that trip, we’ve used all of our savings for the deposit on the new van and the monthly payments will use up all of our monthly slack, so I am short of funds for the actual holiday part. We need food, fuel and site fees and shall have to raid the metaphorical change jar. This means in turn that I need to crack on and sell a few more things or we shall find ourselves in the Midlands with no petrol with which to get home again!  Imagine being stranded in the Midlands. Eep!

I think I’ll unearth more goodies and take photographs just as soon as I have the bread in the oven. First though I must go in search of cat food as Amazon have let Teddy down and he is hungry.

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