Too much discipline for my liking

I don’t know about anyone else but as far as I am concerned, this year so far has been pretty rubbish. How I long for some light! According to the Met Office we may have some let up on Friday and one period that day is forecast for wind speeds actually under 20 mph. Friday is to be a “Light Shower Day” – so some prospect of seeing the sun. Won’t that be nice.

Five days in to the New Year and I am still doing my best to rise at a sensible hour, despite the dark, and to fit more activity into my day. That means so far that I am about caught up on the laundry and the bedroom is slightly tidier. Not much progress, to be honest. Also, Nell is confused – the wrong Human is feeding her.

I need comfort today and something warm to stick to my ribs, thus a Toad in the Hole is planned. Mr L is delighted. I am not sure how much I shall eat as I appear to be quite off my fodder. In fact the whole of the holiday saw me feeling below par. This may explain why I failed to gain weight.

Yesterday saw a return to the 5:2 regime. How long will that last? We managed until mid-February last year then went away in the van and simply fell from the diet wagon for no other reason that we found it hard to restore that routine.

I checked my weight again on Monday morning, so that I had a start point for my chart. Unbelievably, I was a kilo lighter than the other day. I did not get excited as our bathroom scales are decidedly erratic. It may be real, who knows but if it is, I must put that together with some factors of my general ickyness and wonder if my Graves’ Disease is returning. Miss Vanity inside me is already grinning at the prospect of a rapid weight loss but Ms Sensible realises that the prospect is quite scary. I shall be monitoring and will go for a Th test if I think it really is coming back. Until I get tremors or my hair begins to shed, it’s quite difficult to be certain what is happening especially as I cannot separate out my “normal” palpitations from Thyroid-induced ones. This growing old thing is really rubbish.

Rubbish, I tell you – but I must apologise. You don’t need to know this and I am being boring.

My problem is that I have nothing of interest to offer so I break radio silence with boring rubbish…

Knitting? Yes! A little. Mr L’s sweater came out yesterday and I added some rows to the front welt.  I really wanted to go and find some needle tips to cast on for the pink shawl but discipline bad weather came in to play and I wimped out on going out to the caravan.

Also yesterday I began to work on a MOOC I signed up for – on Beginner’s Guitar. I didn’t get far, our Bandwidth capacity has been a problem for weeks now and yesterday it was bad enough to cause me great irritation. I shall try again after lunch today.

Don’t be misled by the MOOC, there are absolutely no NY Resolutions involved and the timing is coincidental. It fell into my mail box the other day in a regular mailing from Coursera. I have had a classical guitar since 1984 and have never learned to play it – I set it aside until I could afford proper lessons, rather than teach myself bad habits, but the money simply never materialised. Then Mr L bought me an acoustic guitar a few years ago and gave me one lesson. I should like to be able to play along with him when he gets his guitars out. I saw this course and realised that I could make my own headway without having to rely on his teaching skills and inclination. It’s a six week course beginning with how to choose a guitar – so I can see that I shall not become in any way proficient!

There may be another couple of MOOCs coming up – part of my non-Resolution desire to be more productive with my time. We’ll see how it goes.

No photos today, the camera has not been out. It’s just too gloomy for photos.

Oh, yes, one piece of really good news – I did my Tax Return yesterday! I can now sleep at nights – unless that was not the cause of my sleeplessness and anxiety, they might be blamed on elevated Thyroid levels.

Probably nothing a good dose of chocolate wouldn’t cure 🙂

Speaking of choccie, the decision that we made to subscribe to the hotel Chocolate tasting boxes seems to be paying off. We have found it very easy to nibble on a couple of quality chocs each evening, finding them satisfying and leaving no addiction level. Consequently Mr L has not been going out and stocking up on rubbish to eat mindlessly. Overall our sugar intake is much reduced and that makes me happy.

Whispers: I’ve also gone alcohol-free for January…


  1. spinninggill
    January 5, 2016

    I’ve decided to give up sugar in coffee (again). 🙂

    • January 7, 2016

      How’s that holding up? I’m still not giving in on the alcohol front – though I doubt I shall go the whole month. I enjoy water but it is not always the correct accompaniment, is it? Sometimes a beer is the right drink. For now my liver is grateful, I think

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