It’s all been a bit of a blur today

It was a wild and windy one again last night. I woke in the night to find that the power had gone off. I dug Mr L in the ribs and asked if he wanted to get up to sort out the network stuff before the UPS died. Sadly, we had passed that point already. Not sure what the time was but we think between 1:30 and 2:00 when I woke.

This morning we were still in darkness, so after feeding the animals, Mr L brought coffee back to bed for me. It was instant of course, so pretty putrid, but the thought was a good one. A call to Scottish Hydro revealed that some houses had their supply restored in the night but that those who were still off would be back by 1 pm. So, no shower again today. I shrugged on my thermal vest and consoled myself with the thought that I could do some  physical work to keep warm and thereby catch up on a backlog of tidying and cleaning.

The plan for a fish pie today was redrawn as I did not want to open the freezer door to obtain the fish. Also, if the power was not restored by 1 pm I might have problems in getting the Aga hot in time to cook later. We decided a veggie risotto, a one-pan meal, would cook nicely on the picnic gas stove.

We were eating a late breakfast when the power came on at 11:00. Well done, lads!

We reverted to the fish pie plan.

Now we hear that the power may go off again. Some houses are still without supply and a new pole is required. It may be necessary to turn us back off in order to complete the work.

Too late – the fish is out and thawing; we shall just have to cope with whatever is thrown at us.

2 pm - and not much chance of a walk in the bay today!
2 pm – and not much chance of a walk in the bay today! (That net is going to take some shifting when it comes to Bagging the Bruck!)

The day for now is quite pleasant and sunny. The tide is against us though, as is my pan of boiling potatoes, so most likely we shall not be going for a walk. Further wind and rain is coming later today, with Met Office warnings in place. Perhaps I shall leave the picnic stove at the ready, just in case it is required again tomorrow morning.

The ferry sailed today but was late in arriving on Sanday. This afternoon’s boat is planned to sail, but early. The Bank arrived on the morning plane but had to relocate operations due to the electricity cables lying on the Kettletoft road.

Every now and again I think it is good for us to be reminded that we live on an island – it can be easy to forget!

I have done no knitting for two weeks or more! I really am feeling the need. The main difficult is that Mr L’s sweater is in too dark a shade to cope with knitting in the seemingly permanent half light we have at this time of year. I could cast on something in a lighter shade. In pink, perhaps. That would be a bit naughty – I am sure I could find a UFO in a light shade, if I felt like going out to the caravan. Unfortunately I have to go the long way around as the handle has dropped off the back door. Yes, the new door!

Looking at the Met Office forecast just now, I was horrified to see how close we are to the 31st. I still do not have my pasta made for our Anniversary dinner. That really ought to be done today or I shall end up running around in circles on Thursday, trying to do everything at once. Tomorrow is planned for slow cooking the Boar ragù, to be reheated the next day. I still need to organise a dessert too, as we ate the ice cream on the 25th. I did half promise a Lemon Pavlova but somebody failed to bring home lemons for the curd.

Oh – in Cheese News: we opened the Tornegus from our cheese parcel. It was really very stinky indeed. Mixed feelings about this one. The cheese itself was quite delicious when served in thin slivers but the rind left me lukewarm – I found it too strongly flavoured and a very odd texture on the teeth. I have to say that our Tornegus looked nothing like the photos on the Cheese Shed web site, nor did it resemble their description. Ours was a smooth buttery yellow, creamy/rubbery texture – bearing no resemblance to a Caerphilly at all and with no taste of the promised mint. I’m not sure if I would buy it again, I’d rather just go get an Epoisses.

Time to reconnect the supply
Time to reconnect the supply

UPDATE: The Hydro called while I was still writing this, or more accurately – when I was out seeking a photo for this post, to say that the power would be off for an hour from 2:15 pm. We walked out to the shop with Nell and I took my peedie camera. It exhibited its occasional focusing bug! Anyway – I have my boar meat and my smoked salmon and we are well on the way to being set for Thursday night’s  dinner.

Oh – and tomorrow morning’s boat is cancelled. When we finally receive some mail, there is going to be a lot of it.

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